Trust and Endowment Fund

The Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund Trust and Endowment Fund was established in 1984 as a “Living” Trust to ensure that support for eye research continues well into the future. T & E Fund donations are held under a trust agreement currently managed by Bank Of America. The Trust instrument precludes the donation of any portion of the Trust Corpus. Only income accrued in the most recent fiscal year may be used and a maximum of 5% (calculated on the last 3-year rolling average of the fiscal year end value of the trust) may be withdrawn.

Donations to the T & E Fund may be made by direct contributions or bequests.

Direct Contributions

Contributions can be presented and recognized as a “living endowment” to someone who has reached deserving heights through personal, business, or service accomplishments. This award program has been used to honor an individual or group for their efforts in sight conservation and the prevention of blindness.

Clubs, businesses, organizations, and individuals have supported the T & E Fund by honoring deserving living recipients or memorializing those who they would like to remember. An engraved award is presented to the person so designated by the donor.

Awards are available in the following categories:

  • Sponsor Award ($1,000 Contribution)
  • Researcher Award ($5,000 Contribution)
  • Founder Award ($10,000 Contribution)


The MLERF T & E Fund provides an instrument for bequests from individual wills, gifts of capital assets, life insurance, life income agreements, charitable remembrance annuity trusts, and charitable income trusts. Bequests can be as follows:

  • A Life Income Trust
  • A Short Term Trust
  • A Contingency Bequest
  • A Specific Bequest
  • A Residuary Bequest

If you or your attorney would like further information about how you may include the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund Trust and Endowment Fund in your will, please contact any Trust and Endowment Committee member.

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