How You Can Help



If you’re interested in volunteering, leading projects, networking, and having fun – you can do all of this and more as a Lions club member. As a Lion, you’ll perform local volunteer work to improve your community – and communities around the world.

As a Lions club member, you’ll join a local group of service-minded men and women who are doing local volunteer work to support your community – right now. You’ll also become a member of Lions Clubs International, a respected international organization, a leader in your local community and a friend to people in need.

There are many reasons to become a member. As a Lion, you will:

  • Help your community and gain valuable skills
  • Make an impact on people’s lives – locally and internationally
  • Learn to be a leader – and lead a respected organization
  • Network with business people in your community and around the world
  • Energize your life and have fun

You’ll grow personally and professionally. And you’ll know that the community volunteer work you perform is worthwhile and appreciated.

Attend a Journey For Sight Event

eg_travicon_32If you don’t have the time to join your local Lion’s club, then you can do the next best thing: attend one of their community service or fund-raising events.

Lions clubs throughout Massachusetts hold all kinds of events (pancake breakfasts, motorcycle runs, walk-a-thons, etc.) specifically to raise funds for MLERF. By attending a Journey For Sight event, you’ll be helping expand the impact of MLERF.


eg_shopicon_19Grant Funds

Funds donated through Journey For Sight, Pennies For Sight, Honorariums, Memorials, Special Programs, and regular donations received from Lions clubs, Lioness clubs, LEO clubs and individuals throughout the year are dispersed, in full,  as research grants each August.

Trust and Endowment Fund (T & E)

You can find information about the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund Trust and Endowment Fund here.

Tell Your Story

bigstock-Happy-Baby-Boy-Wearing-Eye-Gla-39475753Since its humble beginnings in the 1950’s, the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund has had a tremendous impact on thousands of lives.

Each year, research funded by MLERF touches many lives, saving and restoring the sight of people of all ages and all walks of life. Whether it’s a early detection of amblyopia in a pre-schooler, or a parent whose eyesight was saved thanks to a corneal transplant, the stories of preserved and renewed vision are one of the most powerful tools in communicating MLERF’s mission: to obtain donations and provide grants to be used for research dedicated to the prevention of vision loss and improving and restoring the sight of the visually impaired.

If you have been affected by the research funded by MLERF, we would like to hear from you. By sharing your story, you can become a champion for our work. If you are interested in helping to advocate for the importance of what MLERF does, please let us know about your experience and a representative of MLERF will contact you for more information.

You can contact us via email at

Mass Lions Eye Research Fund Inc.
P.D.G. William T. Murphy, Treasurer
Post Office Box 6050
New Bedford, Ma 02742